The New Housing Trend: Think Small.

Humans have a great ability to adapt to change. If recent housing reports are any indication, we may be adapting faster than expected to the housing crisis and rising energy cost. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently conducted a “Home Design Trend Survey” and the results left me surprised. Respondents declared an increase in projects that promote property improvements, accessibility and flexible design. What is surprising, is only 2% of respondents indicated they were planning on increasing their lot size.

This signals a growing trend where small homes are becoming more popular. Smaller homes are easier to maintain and cost less to heat and cool. Just how small of a house are we talking? In an extreme case of minimalism; one woman is very happy to be the sole occupant of her 84 square foot home. That would be roughly the size of a parking spot.

Is this a knee-jerk reaction to an ongoing housing crisis or a sign of things to come? Will the need to become more energy efficient in our homes result in more “tiny boxes on the hillside”? As usual time will tell, but personally I enjoy lying down in my bedroom; not my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom simultaneously.

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