Why are asphalt shingles right for my new roof?

Who loves asphalt shingles? Just about every American homeowner, according to roofing industry professionals. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association reports that the roofs of four out of five houses in the U.S. enjoy the benefits of this versatile material. “Asphalt … Continue reading

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What do I need to know about the whole roof system?

As a homeowner, you may think that shingles, a wooden deck and some tarpaper make up your whole roof system. There’s a lot more to your roof, however, than shingles and wood. “An effective whole roof system is a combination of … Continue reading

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How to choose a professional roofing contractor

Maybe you noticed some curling or missing shingles. Maybe – worse yet – you saw a water spot, a noticeable leak or even light poking through from the outside. After 25 or 30 years (or the misfortune of a terrible storm), … Continue reading

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Can Replacing My Windows Make My Home Safer?

When it comes to the value of your home, nothing gives you greater peace of mind than living in a home that’s safe. By getting the right replacement windows installed, you can make your home substantially safer than it is … Continue reading

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Can New Windows Save Money On My Energy Bills?

Have you ever taken a look at your energy bill and wished you could lower your monthly payments? Sure, we’ve all been there. The real question is, what’s the secret to keeping money in your pocket without dramatically altering your … Continue reading

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What Is Heat Mirror Window Technology?

For many home owners, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to keep the heat outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Many home owners also struggle with how enjoy great natural light in their home … Continue reading

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Can I Get Energy Rebates By Replacing My Windows?

Replacing the windows in your home provides substantial befits. Your home instantly becomes more attractive, more energy efficient, and even safer if you purchase the right high-quality window. However, many home owners are intimidated by the cost of replacement windows … Continue reading

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Look for 2 Windows Labels to Get the Right Replacement Windows for Your Home

 You finally drift off to sleep after hours of commute home in a storm.  Just as you count your last sheep, “WHOOOOO” howls through the gaps in old windows and you’re wide awake again.  The chill in the air has … Continue reading

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8 Reasons It Pays for a Homeowner to Hire a Pro Installer

 When renovating your home it is important to consider everything involved.  The financial costs go way beyond the materials alone.  Trying to save money on installation is often a huge mistake.  Here are the reasons why a pro should install … Continue reading

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5 Primary Factors in the Cost of Window Replacement

Your windows leak air in both the winter and summer.  The traffic outside is so intrusive it causes the family to use their outside voice when they are inside.  And in stormy weather, the windows literally shake, rattle and roll.  … Continue reading

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